University of Vienna’s Gender Equality Report

At the University of Vienna, gender equality monitoring has been in place for 20 years now. Until now, the regularly published series „Gender in Focus“, has made visible gender relations from enrollment to professorship and leadership positions.

Based on the new Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality, the Culture and Equality unit – in coordination with the Equal Opportunities Working party – has developed the Gender Equality Report 2023 which is published here. It will be updated annually.

SOn the following pages (navigation on the right side), you will find graphics depicting gender ratios in undergraduate studies, doctoral programs, habilitation, as well as among academic and non-academic university staff and leadership positions. Additionally, there are intellectual capital report indicators for professorial appointment procedures, women’s quota in collegiate bodies, and the gender pay gap among professorships. It also includes additional information on employment contracts and the age distribution of staff.

The Gender Equality Report is an important foundation the active promotion of gender equality at the University of Vienna. The 34% share of women in professorships (as of 2023) indicates that progress has been made in recent years.